Use it Or Lose It – Health Fund Rebates reset in the New Year

As the year comes to the end, many personal investments we’ve made come to fruition. While you’re busy planning your holiday and going Christmas shopping, make sure you don’t forget to lodge your health insurance claims before the end of 2018. Many Aussies forget this and assume their doctor will do it on their behalf, while others dread the process, thinking its lengthy and complicated. Whichever group you fall into, if you’re paying up to $600 a year and not reaping the rewards of this private health insurance benefit, you’re losing out on what you’ve already paid for. Here are some answers to questions you might have in mind regarding dental health fund rebates and what you need to do to get them.

  • How Does It Work?

Although health funds are different, dental health has two main categories; general dental and major dental cover. Under the general dental cover, your allowance will pay back on items such as checkups, minor tooth extractions, oral cleans, x-rays and fillings among others. Major dental covers more complicated treatments like root canals, crowns and implants.

  • How Do My Yearly Benefits Work?

Before you reach your yearly limit on general and major dental cover, checkups and cleanings are generally allowed every 6 months. Thereafter (and based whether or not your health fund operates on a financial year basis) the limit gets topped up. It’s beneficial to use the benefit of teeth checking and cleaning during the year as a preventative measure. The old saying that prevention is better than cure has never been more accurate and its cheaper and easier to treat dental issues the earlier you detect them.

  • Why Checkups?

Our teeth hardly ever get a break. If you consider that they’re used at least 3 times a day for eating, by the time you reach your forties they’ll have been used to help break down over 13 000 meals. Maintaining oral health is crucial for this reason. You need to make sure your teeth are well-maintained regularly. Good dental health means less expensive treatments later down the line. With the festive season upon us, it’s also important that you keep the kids in mind. As everything winds down and they’re home from school, there’s not better time to take them for a checkup before 2019 gets going.

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