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Is Your Child Breathing Through Their Mouth?

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22If you have noticed your child continually breathes through their mouth then it is a cause for concern. Sometimes a child will breathe through their mouth because of allergies or a deviated septum, or because of enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

How Mouth Breathing Affects Oral and General Health

Mouth breathing can have a serious impact on oral health, affecting facial development and speech, and the quality of their sleep. Children who mouth breathe may have an obstructed airway and are more likely to have sleep apnoea. Lack of oxygen during sleep can lead to behavioural difficulties and decent quality sleep is critical while the brain is developing. Children with chronic mouth breathing are more likely to have abnormal facial growth and their teeth are less likely to develop properly, leading to problems with overcrowding. Mouth breathing increases the risk of tooth decay as bacteria thrive in dry conditions.

If you think your child is breathing through their mouth then please book an appointment for them here at Apple Dental as we can provide appropriate treatment.

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