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Facial Injectables for Bruxism

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Facial Injectables BruxismBruxism can be the cause of constant or recurring headaches, facial pain and in severe cases lead to fillings becoming loose and teeth to fracture.

At Apple Dental one of the most popular solutions to treat Bruxism is with facial injectables. Through a series of minor muscle-relaxant injections just beneath your skin’s surface in the underlying muscle, the Apple Dental team are able to ease discomfort, facial spasms, teeth grinding and tension around the jaw joints.

This effective and non-surgical procedure is completely safe, requires no anaesthetic and can be completed in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to continue on with your daily routine. Relaxing the tense muscles around the jaw joint can help relieve constant discomfort and chronic headaches.

The experienced team at Apple Dental team are highly trained in the anatomy of the head and neck and are happy to answer your questions about injectables to alleviate your concerns.

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