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Are you making the most of your dental health insurance?

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If you have dental extras insurance, now is the time to make sure you’re getting the most from what you’re paying for. When did you last see the dentist? Have you been told you’re likely to need some treatment soon? Are you thinking about whether you could improve your smile and your policy happens to include teeth straightening and whitening?

You need to talk with your Apple Dental dentist to see what can be done by the end of this year to improve your teeth and benefit from your extras insurance. Just because nothing seems wrong doesn’t mean your teeth are necessarily fine. Regular checkups are important to address small issues before they become big.

When does your extras year-end?

Most health insurance cover is based on the calendar year, although sometimes limits also apply to treatments. Your first step is to work out when your plan resets, and what is still covered if you’ve already had some serious dental work done.

If you’re not sure, Apple Dental can do an on the spot health insurance quote for you (depending on your provider) or you can check your fund’s website. If you can only claim on a limited number of treatments per year, make sure you’re up to date. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to make the most of your insurance.

Making the most of rebates

If you’re overdue for a checkup, book in straight away so you can see if anything is needed other than the usual clean and polish. It’s always better to treat problems early. Even if it’s complex, if you start treatment now you may be able to finish it early in the new year for a second chance at rebates. If you’ve thought about having your teeth straightened or other cosmetic improvements, check that your policy covers this and then talk with your dentist about what would be suitable and when you can start treatment.

By talking with your Apple Dental dentist straight away, you have a chance to plan the process. Your dentist will be able to tell you if something can wait a little longer or how you can best manage the treatment plan. There are maximum amounts you can claim each year so get the work done that is needed now. If you have something else arise next year, you can claim again later.

How your Apple Dental dentist can help

If there’s a reason you’re behind with checkups or treatments, be open with your dentist. If you’re nervous and tend to put things off, let them know – they’ll be happy to make sure you’re comfortable with the process before treatment begins.

They can explain what your treatment options are and what they will cost. You may be eligible for an interest-free payment plan so speak to Apple Dental’s reception team for more information. They will also advise if you can plan the work across two years to maximise your extras insurance rebates.

Book your appointment with your Apple Dental practitioner now and ensure you’re making the most of your extras insurance.

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