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5 Steps to a Brilliant White Smile on Valentine’s Day

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feb1A beautiful white smile conveys a sense of health and youthfulness and it has never been easier to achieve. If your smile is looking less than alluring, then why not do something about it, just in time for Valentine’s Day? We have outlined five easy steps you can take to help make your smile into a thing of beauty.

  1. Book a hygiene appointment. A scale and polish is a quick way to help your teeth sparkle and it will give you fresher breath.
  2. Brush and floss thoroughly as tartar can make your teeth appear yellow and stained, not to mention any trapped food debris will gradually rot, causing unpleasant odours.
  3. Renew old and stained fillings with our beautiful tooth coloured fillings and brighten your smile while protecting your teeth.
  4. Try our professional tooth whitening treatments. Affordable and quick, choose from whitening in our dental practice or purchase a customised home whitening kit.
  5. Renew old crowns and veneers with the very latest porcelain restorations. We may even be able to provide this service while you wait. Our CEREC restorations use the very latest CAD/CAM technology to make high quality all-ceramic restorations in just one appointment.

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